Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Recap ~

Ohhhh how I love a weekend! :)
We started Friday afternoon with Mary Dalton's solo lesson in Swainsboro with Miss Melonie!
She ADORES Miss Mel and looks forward to her solo every week!
After solo,

we went to the football game where it was FREEZING!!! I worked in the concession stand, Dalton took up money at the gate and the kids ran wild! A good time was had by all!
We spent Friday night at the cabin and MD and Jackson are still LOVING the open beams...they are like monkeys climbing everywhere!
Saturday morning Dalton cooked us a great breakfast and we came home to do some things around the house...while my laundry was drying I started wrapping presents...
I REALLY want this done ASAP! I have everything in my possession wrapped! I hope to finish up my shopping next week!

Jackson went on his first duck hunt this weekend with Dalton, Troy and Bryar ~ it was youth weekend!

Both boys got a duck!
(and they look COLD!!!)

We went to church Sunday and then went and had lunch ~ at some point on the way home Jackson took off all of his clothes...not sure why...

This is why I am crazy...
These two are nonstop!

And while he was in his drawers...he saw a bird and ran outside to shoot it...never mind it was COLD...he NEEDED to kill the bird!

We have a busy week planned and are looking forward to seeing my family from MS and AL this weekend!

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