Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Life Lately....

Things around here have been out of whack for sure ~ We have had a sad week after Rebel got ran over and family/friends who are sick and who have lost loved ones...It's such a joyous season, but can be hard, too. We are trying to make the best of it and are SO looking forward to my parents coming tomorrow! lately...
Last Friday we were greeted in the carpool line by Santa himself!:) 
Both kids' classes had Christmas parties ~ they had a blast having a "fun" day at school! 
Miss Amanda cooked pancakes for the class to enjoy! 
After they ate, they helped the younger students wrap gifts for needy children. LOVE that our school teaches the importance of giving back! 
Jackson's class had a PJ day to celebrate! They had breakfast and watched movies all day! 
I gave two exams and was blessed by SO many sweet families!!!
One of my students painted this for me ~ 
After school Friday, is when our day quickly went downhill. We were all HEARTBROKEN about Rebel ~ I saw this on instagram and am thankful for God's promises. 
Saturday ~ our two were still sad...especially Jax. We told them we would do ANYTHING they wanted...they picked Air Strike! 

This kept them busy and their minds occupied! Everyone had a great time!
Monday ~ Dalton & I went to finish up Christmas shopping ~ 
The kids had a sitter and did everything
"Christmasy" yuo can think of ~ looked at lights, made gingerbread houses, baked cookies, went to see the live nativity and watched movies! THAT's a good sitter! ;) 
Tuesday was RAINY ~ and it is STILL raining ~ 
We played every board game we own and stayed in our PJs! 
When Dalton got home, we went to the cabin for a change of scenery! 
This girl ~ 
She is my heart. 
Dalton grilled steaks and we watched "A Christmas Story" 
It was a perfect ending to our day! 
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I can't believe it is already here! My children are SO excited and I can't wait to see their excitement Friday morning! 

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