Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ring Those Bells!!!

A sweet friend of mine posted pictures of her family ringing the bell at the Salvation Army stand and I KNEW we had to do this! My children are very fortunate and do not have to go without anything. They are appreciative, but I want them to understand the importance of helping others, giving back to the community AND hard work!!! 
I signed us up and yesterday was our shift at Wal-Mart! 

Let's just say ~ they were less than amused when we got there but after I told them that had all of two seconds to get a joyful attitude or I would take off my shoe and use it on them...they were ALL IN!!! ;) 
MD had a seflie session ~ we took 30 min was the "greeter", one rang the bell, and one wore the apron ~ we all had a job! 
People were SO generous, but the most generous were the ones who looked the most under privileged. This one guy was one that would make me lock my door if I saw him "out and about" and he gave us $10! We spoke to everyone and said "Merry Christmas" no less than 5000 times!
We even made up a song to sing while we rang the bell...
and some of us did tricks! 

It was a LONG 3 hour shift with 2 children, but I think that we all learned from it! I hope to make this a yearly tradition for our family! 

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