Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekend Wrap up ~ Cabin Edition!

We spent our first two nights at the cabin this weekend ~ 
and we LOVED it!!! 
We went Friday afternoon and stayed until late Sunday afternoon ~
we still have a lot of small things to do, but we are in so that's what counts!!! 
My bathtub should be in this week ~ 
I am in LOVE with this and can't wait to use it!!! 
Jackson had some fever virus and was under the weather and stayed home from school on Friday ~ when we got the farm he felt good enough to fish...
Abe has worked for Dalton's family for years and he was talking to Jackson about fishing...
so sweet! 
To celebrate our move in (and some more BIG news I will post about later!) we grilled steaks and had our first official meal in the cabin! 
Saturday morning, MD & I went to her 4H DPA competition ~ 
She did public speaking and I was so proud of her! 
Only two students from our school competed ~ Joe got first in his group "Pork Production" and MD got 3rd in her group ~ I would love to hear pork production speeches...what do you say about producing pork?!?! Obviously there is a lot to it! 
This is the group from our county that participated! 
They had a break and we squeezed in a solo lesson while we were in Swainsboro...and I felt I like won the lotto...saved myself a trip this week! :) 
We picked up Blake and went back to the cabin ~ 
the weather was AMAZING and I enjoyed reading...
The boys fished before we headed to our school's auction. 
The boys were watching JAWS and we were trying to sleep ~ we still don't have doors so DDD made us one to "get by" ~ it worked great! ;) 
Sunday was beautiful and we spent all afternoon outside! MD and I paddle boated for an hour ~ 
I had 500 things I needed to do, but I know this time with her is my "stuff" waited and I spent some time with her and had the BEST afternoon! 
And somehow...they all ended up swimming in the pond...
It was a GREAT weekend and we got some HUGE and exciting news! 
Dalton qualified to run as the Solicitor  for our county and is running unopposed. 
He ran for this position 4 years ago and lost by 9 was a hard loss and took a toll on both of us. I am not sure WHY God wanted him to wait to have this position, but we are so THANKFUL for Him allowing Dalton this opportunity! Dalton works so hard and I am so proud of him and all he has accomplished!!! 
The weekend was FABULOUS to say the least, and I am sure this week will be, too! :) 

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