Tuesday, April 19, 2016

DTI and Dance Pics

Saturday we went to our favorite dance competition ~ DTI! 
Anna Grace went with us...it was SO nice to have someone there to do MD's hair and makeup!!! 
She did a GREAT job on her solo and was so excited to see Miss Alexis! 
I can't say enough about this competition! 
We LOVE everything about it!!! 
After the girl's danced, we walked around downtown and had lunch! 
We love Savannah! 
They did a great job!!!
Mary Dalton got "Judge's Choice" and an invitation to YDA! 
She is so excited and can't wait!!! 
We were late getting home and we both CRASHED!!! Dalton was at the farm and Jackson was with a friend for the weekend. Sunday, we woke up...redressed and headed to the studio for dance pics...
How pretty is my girl?!?! 
It was CHAOS!!!
It always is!!! I stayed about two hours and Anna Grace said she would bring MD home... 
So we ran to Sonic and I went home! :) Thanks AG!!!
She looks 16...
This has been a GREAT year for MD! She has gotten super close with her sweet dance friends, and Anna Grace has been a treasure to our family! She is such a good role model for MD and we are so thankful for her! 

PS ~ Jackson is alive and well ~ but 10 year old boys are not into having their picture taken! 

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