Thursday, May 12, 2016

Down by the Creek Bank ~

This past Monday, our 1st-4th grade put on a play at school! 
My kids are involved with the Methodist Church Children's Choir, but this was a first for our school....and it was a HUGE success! 
The play was PRECIOUS ~ the songs were perfect, it was not too long, the kids knew their parts and was a great night! 
Jackson and his friend Will had the lead roles as speakers and they were outstanding!!! 
Miss Shana has already said that she will include 5th grade next year in the play...and they are SO excited! 
Jackson & Sweet Mallie
Jackson's 4th grade class...all 7 of them...
sometimes I wish there were more kids in his class...they are so close they argue like siblings....but then I realize how awesome it is that they ARE so super close! 
Their sweet teacher ~ she is a DOLL!!! We love her! 
Dalton came to see the play Wednesday for the school showing, since he missed it Tuesday night ~ 
My whole wide world...right here in one picture...

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