Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Honors Day 2016

Last Friday was Honor's Day at our school. My two look forward to this day every year...they work hard and this is the day that they are acknowledged for that hard work! I would MUCH rather them be honored for good grades, than sports, dance, etc. I am thankful that they are both hard workers and intelligent!!! 
They are soooo going to miss Anna Grace ~ especially Mary Dalton! AG is been a God send this year and we adore her! 
Mary Dalton was one of two in her class of 23 than received Distinguished Headmaster's List ~ she has had a 95 or higher average in all subjects all  year. 5th grade is a hard year so we are SO proud of her! 
She also had the highest average in reading and language and was awarded a medal for her ITBS testing scores...she actually scored college level in one area in reading/language! 
Jackson also got Distinguished Headmaster's list and a "Clean Sweep" of highest averages in his class...he was awarded all six subjects! One proud mama right here! :) 
Sooz and Big were there to cheer them! 
And I had my last Honor's Day with these guys ~ 
Love this year's senior class so much! They are precious, precious kids! 
Mary Dalton walked right in and asked Zack Davis for a picture! She is head over heels smitten with him and he is SO sweet to her! One of the perks when your mom teaches all the cute high school boys! ha! 
Dalton and I are so proud of the kids! We are on the official countdown to summer!!! 

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