Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last Day of School

Well ~ today is the LAST day of school! My two have never been the last 3 days, but they LOVED their teachers this year and WANTED to go to school...seriously. 
I can't begin to describe the year we have had. I hate to see it end, because it was THAT good. My two had the BEST teachers and we did not ONE single issue...that's never happened. Like...Jackson did not go to the office once, I did not get one phone call, no girl drama, no failing grades (or even low ones!), nothing! 
It was WONDERFUL!!! 
Not to mention ~ they grew a ton! 

Jackson May 2016
Jackson August 2015
(This was probably the ONLY day all year he wore a collared shirt!)

Mary Dalton 
August 2015
Mary Dalton 
 May 2016
So just like that ~ I have a middle schooler!!! 
We hate to see this year end, but we have some FUN things planned, and it helps to know Jackson is getting an awesome teacher next year, and MD will have some great ones, too!!! 
So with all that said ~ 

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