Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend was SO relaxing! Mary Dalton went to the beach with Whitney Sue, so it was just me and the boys! 
Jackson and I fished most of the weekend! 
I bought a new book and it was a page turner! LOVE having down time to read! 
And seriously...waking up to this view?!?! What could be any better? 
While we were fishing, Jax said, "Mama, I love it out here. I am so thankful we have this place." 
Me too, buddy.
After church on Sunday, we fished, napped, and read some more!
The boys cooked the fish we caught ~ 
It was a great day for sure! 
All I ever wanted when I was little to be a mama. I am SO thankful for the two God entrusted me with. 

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