Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Natchez Part 1

We are just getting back from our summer trip to MS! We got back Tuesday morning about 12 a.m. ~ after a 10 hour drive in a rain storm ~ and then me hitting some unknown supposedly metal object and tearing my car up! Wish I was kidding ~ thankfully we were about 20 mins from home so DDD came and got us...but I lost my phone while running to his truck...thankfully...we found it the next day and it survived the storm! Anyway ~
We left EARLY Thursday morning and drove the whole way ~ MD had some Dramamine and was OUT!
We got to Natchez about 3:00 and Nana let us pick her blackberries ~ which have NO thorns! They were SO good!!!
Friday morning, we picked up the Rabb kids and went to the creek ~
These 4 had a BLAST! I love that they have friends in MS that they can pick up with when we are there!
MD loves her some Regan!
My sweet Aunt Winnie (who sis 86!!!) made us a delicious lunch!!! I LOVE that my children love her so since they did not get to know my grandmother! She is a DOLL!
I even taught her how to take a selfie! ha!
We got back and got a snowcone ~ Then Pawpaw helped Jackson make a shelter ~
Pretty cool thing when your grandfather can make a shelter!
It was SO SO SO hot ~ we spent lots of time inside!!!
Part 2 ~ coming soon!!!

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