Monday, July 25, 2016

Jax's Weekend at the Coast

This past weekend, Jackson went to the coast. He has gotten to be pretty tight with Big Daddy and he caught a ride down with him! :)

Jax talked him into BBQ for lunch and even a trip to Bass Pro!
But the REAL reason he was going..was to see this baby girl!!! 
In case you can't tell, he is SMITTEN with this child!!! He adores her. He was so excited to be there without MD so he could have her all to he did throw in some fishing and crabbing...but he loved seeing her!!! 
Sooz sent us this and it made my heart smile ~ LOVE this boy and his heart of gold. He can push me to my breaking point, but he is really one of the sweetest, most thoughtful, caring children ever....and he's mine.
He sent me this picture. Sue-anna had this drawn for him for his bday ~ It is Rebel. This was SUCH a thoughtful gift...and one he will have forever. He found a place for it on his dresser as soon as he got home! 
He had a great weekend and is already plotting how to get BACK down there!!! 

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