Thursday, October 6, 2016

That's a Wrap

Tuesday night was Jackson's last Jr Pro football game ~ 
He REALLY loves it, but I am so glad that it is over! 
WE have to come back to the school M-T for practice and I am glad to have my nights free again!!!  
He has learned a lot, and has had a great time! 
He got two great tackles and was in on a recovery the last game! 
Moving up to Middle school football next year! 
Wednesday, they had a little party for the 5th grade players ~ they had a FEAST! 
They let the 5th grade go first in line ~ I told him to enjoy it because next year he will be the low man on the totem pole again! ;) 
The booster club also gave each football player and cheerleader a TJA pullover! He has worn it with pride! :) 
Up next ~ basketball...
Games don't start until January! Woohoo! :) 

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