Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Better late than never...seems to be a theme around here!!! 

Halloween 2016 was a fun one!!! 
Jackson was so excited Miss Jessica brought Diesel to school with her! He was dressed up as a lion! The kids ADORE Diesel!!! They miss Miss Jessica SO much ~ she was the sweetest! They go see here EVERYDAY!!! I think she misses them, too! ;) 
Mary Dalton went trick or treating with a big group from school ~ She and Maggie were partners for a class project so when they got done, they headed out to the hayride! 
MD put this costume together ~ she did a great job! VERY creative!!! 
We handed out candy at the law firm but on a MUCH smaller scale than last year! We had the cutest little trick or treaters...Razz was in town!!! 
MD and all her buddies came to get candy, too! 
Big Daddy dropped by, too! 

It was a fun night, but I think it should be a LAW that Halloween and 4th of July are ALWAYS on Friday! We are STILL recovering from Monday!!! 

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