Friday, December 2, 2016

3 Things ~

Mary Dalton ~ 

1. She was SO excited when Addison Wingate from Kim of Queens was at our school's basketball game this week! Of course, she had to ask for a picture! :)
2. Mary Dalton got her retainer this week! I have been pretty "lax" on making her wear it because she has had an AWFUL cough, but today she had it in without me telling her to wear it...let's hope she wears it because she ain't a-getting another set of braces!!!
3. Speaking of her awful cough, she stayed home Thursday because she was up all night coughing...she just needed a day of rest and to try to get well. When I came home, the house was SPOTLESS ~ she cleaned, dusted, mopped, swept, put away clothes, etc! She said she now wants to "just be a wife and stay home all day..." 
Me, too, Honey...I feel ya! ;)

Jackson ~ 

1. This picture was from last year, when we got Daisy! He is super excited that we will be getting Bo soon! Yep ~ another dog for us! We can't wait! I LOVE a puppy just like I LOVE a newborn....too bad they grow up! 
2. He has been busy working on memorizing his lines for the Christmas play at school ~ he has the lead role as the "Country Granndfather" ~ We can't wait to see the play!
3. To say he is ready for Christmas break, would be an understatement ~ he has a daily countdown! I don't know if he more excited about getting to sleep in, not going to school, or actually Christmas...either way, he is ready for our break! 

Dalton ~ 

1. AKA "Daddy Disney" saved our old mattress and let the kids jump on it before hauling it off ~ who knew a redneck trampoline could be so fun!?!? He even got in on the fun with Razz! 
2. Dalton has been busy preparing to take over as Solicitor January 1. It will be a good bit more work for him, but I am so proud of him and thankful for this opportunity! 
3. He is still my favorite chef is the world! On the menu this weekend ~ homemade chicken fingers and homemade chili fried, ribs, and fried shrimp...can't wait!

Amber ~ 

1. I have been sick since Wednesday with sinus/fever crud. I look like death, hence the snapchat pic in black and white to make look presentable! ;) One of my students said, "Miss Amber, you don't look like yourself...." Bless him...I looked like I was dying! 
2. I am about 75% done with Christmas shopping! I hope Dalton & I can sneak off soon one night to finish up! I even have things wrapped already! Woohoo!!! 
3. I have been busy working on finishing up current chapters, getting ready to test and then exams the following week! A busy time at school! 

We are looking forward to what I HOPE is a quiet weekend! No major plans ~ hoping everyone can feel better and stay well! 

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