Thursday, December 15, 2016

5th Grade Christmas Fun ~

This week, Jackson's class has been busy making gifts for the residents at a local assisted living place in our area. Some classes exchange gifts, but we (the parents) agreed YEARS ago not to exchange a $10 gift nobody wants/needs and do a service project instead! 
They made cards and stuffed bags with lotion, Kleenex, chapstick, peppermints, socks, gloves, and a bookmark (I think!). 
Please note that Jackson does not have on shoes....he wore them to school but obviously took them off during the day....
#smallschoolperks :)
Here they all are ready to sing and deliver gifts ~ Jackson also missed the memo to wear the red shirt from the play ~ he was not bothered by this in the least! 
He has visited here before and was excited to see some of his favorite ladies he previously met! 

They had a sweet visit and the residents loved having them! 
Yesterday ~ the Grinch and Cindy Lou showed up to read all of the elementary kids...
Jackson was not really "into" this, but if it gets them out of class...
well, sign him up! 
The younger ones LOVED this!! 
Lots of fun things this week! 
Mary Dalton is finishing up with exams ~ 2 today, 1 more tomorrow and we are headed to celebrate Christmas with Dalton's dad's extended family...and then back home to work on our Christmas Bucket List of Fun! 

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