Saturday, September 16, 2017

He Has What?!?!

Dalton and I have been noticing over the past few weeks that Jackson hasn't eaten like he normally does, sleeps ALL the time, and is limping. Just weird symptoms and nothing really adds up.
His coach mentioned to me about 3 weeks ago that he complains with his leg while practicing and limps only when running.
I asked him about it and he said that he was on the bottom of the pile at football and it hurt his knee.
Fair enough.
Fast forward to last week. I am watching him at practice and he is limping. Again.
This time he claims it's because he fell off his dove stool.
Then, he had a game and guess what?
Limping again.

Dalton has a good friend who was in our wedding and is a fraternity brother that is a PA. We talked to him about his symptoms and he agreed he needed to be seen ASAP.
Of course, my mind races to the "worst case scenario" but this past Thursday was our appointment.

He had a TONS of labs done...and handled it like a PRO! He made his daddy look like a BIG chicken!! ;) They did some xrays and scans, and then sent us to lunch.
We made a Wal-Mart trip and then he picked to have lunch at Berni's, so he could eat crab cakes.
Total side note...he's growing up SO fast!!!
We get back to the dr. and they take us in his office. Anyone knows, when you go into the actual Doctor's office, they have news...and it usually isn't good. He went on to say, "All his labs are picture perfect." (HUGE sigh of relief) Then he asked Jackson to show him EXACTLY where his knee hurts. He pointed and the dr said, "That's because you have a broken bone."
I can't tell you how AWFUL I felt!!! I just cried because this whole time I have told him to man up and run...and the poor thing had a break!!!
Can you even BEGIN to understand his pain tolerance!?!?
Broke my heart.

Anyway ~ Turns out the dr feels like this break was 12 weeks ago...he's grown about an inch since the break. It's about 85% healed and would now be classified as a stress fracture. He's done with football and all physical activity for at least 3 weeks until we go back to be sure it's healed.

Since he has been limping, his hips and left leg are now "off line" and we have to get that seen about.
Talk about an emotional day, but I am SO thankful that he is healthy!!! I am still getting over the mom guilt, but I am pretty sure he forgives me! ;)

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