Monday, July 23, 2012

DTI Dance Nationals!!!

We left Thursday to head to Savannah for Mary Dalton to compete in her 1st national competition! She was SO SO SO excited!
Jackson also went along! This was VERY trying for me!!! Even though I had help with my mom being there, it was hard!

I can't even begin to explain how excited we were that my mama went with us! Mary Dalton always is the only one without a cheering section at competition. Some people not only have one grandparent, but BOTH sets, plus aunts, uncles, friends, siblings, etc. so she was VERY excited to have someone there for her!!!She always is super sweet about it though, she knows Nana and Pawpaw would be there if they weren't 10 hours away and it helps that everyone there is always super sweet to her and encourages her!  Dalton had planned to go with us but he had 3 engagements with the election so he had to stay home.

On the way out of town, we had to make a stop at the pharmacy. A friend of ours is opening a new store/pharmacy and MD and Jax lucked up! The ice cream man was there! They got the FIRST ice cream from Miss Beth's store! :)

We had a great time walking around Savannah ~ it is SO pretty there! we just love it!!!
The weather was perfect and there was a nice breeze to keep us cool!
First stop was Savannah Candy Kitchen! Both munchings opted for a $6 PURE sugar/sour straw! They are STILL are eating on those things!!!
While googling directions to our hotel I found out that it is one the "most hanuted hotels" in Savannah ~ I told the kids that and they were fired up!
We ate at their FAVORITE place ~ The Pirate's House (which is also said to haunted) ~ they love to look at the caves, trails and canyons...and of course dress up like pirates!!! 

Jackson was FULL of himself thiss trip ~ he had an answer for everything and LAUGHED until I actually threatened to spank him!!! He was driving me INSANE with all the silliness and he just added fuel to Mary Dalton's fire and got her nice and wound up, too ~ but they had the BEST time!!!

He lost his bear while walking to dinner ~ I told him not to bring it but because MDD brought Kit he insisted on bringing his bear Big Daddy got him in Cananda....needless to say LOTS of tears were shed when we retraced our steps and didn't find the bear! Hard lesson learned...He has a hard time keeping up with his things! He also lost his Nook Santa brought him...we gotta work on this!
After dinner, we went on a carriage tour ~ actually a ghost tour of downtown SAV. The kids LOVED it! They told of the history and of ghost sightings ~ It was a LOT of fun and they actually learned a lot of history, too! 
Also on this trip JAx quit calling MDD "sissy" ~ he now calls her mary dalton ~ NONE of us can get use to ti! It sounds SO strange!!!
Ready for our tour with our horse Batman!

After the tour we walked down River Street and had ice cream ~ because EVERYONE needs ice cream at 10:30 p.m!!! :)
Friday was DANCE DAY!!! We watched several perform early on, went to lunch at Mellow Mushroom, swam, and shopped til time to get Miss Priss ready to go!
They were SO stinking cute!
Jackson was very proud of his big sister!!! 

I know girls can be "catty" but these 6 girls are PRECIOUS! They are SO supportive of each other and TRULY happy for each other and encourage each other so much!!! I hope they stay together for many years!!! Mary Dalton wanted to make good luck treat bags for each of the girls so we stopped by Dollar Tree and loaded up on treats! She was so sweet handing them out and they were all so appreciative!
Afterwards, we went back to the room and had popcorn and played Go Fish ~ the kids were cheating and they told Mama, "This is how we play in GA!" 
And this pic my friends is what I heard NONSTOP ~ LAUGHING!!!
I know our neighbors hated us!!!
They laughed and laughed and laughed...then did it some more!!!!
Saturday got off to a ROUGH ROUGH start ~ My purse was MIA for about 30 mins and we had a flat tire (we thought it was fixed on Friday, but no such luck!) We found a Good Year and they got us up and running again ~ oh and AAA came, too! They got the spare on which allowed us to get to GoodYear! It was a DAY!!! Last time we went I had a dead battery...this time a flat....I hate to know what happens next year!!!
All that to say our girls did GREAT!!!
They received High Gold Excel and won 1st place OVERALL in their age division!!!
Those little "Crazy Feet" were on fire!!!
We got home on Saturday and Dalton & I went to a wedding and to a gospel sing for his campaign.
Mama left Sunday morning before we left for church and this was the FIRST TIME EVER Mary Dalton did NOT cry!!!! WOW!!! :)
We enjoyed swimming Sunday afternoon and then shot the gun at the shooting range ~ Jackson is a DEAD on shot and Mary D. learned how to use the scope too and did pretty good!
It was a JAM PACKED weekend to say the least!!!
We have this week and next week left on summer break and it is looking to be JUST AS BUSY!!!
Better get some rest...tomorrow is a BIG DAY!
Mary Dalton is getting her braces!!!
Wish us luck!!! :)

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