Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mary Dalton got BRACES!!!

It seems like JUST yesterday I was driving Mary Dalton to her Daddy's office so he could pull her 1st tooth ~ Hard to believe she is big and old enough for braces now!!!
 Chelsey went with me because both kids have cleanings at 11 and then Mary Dalton had another appt at 2. After the cleanings (both got good reports other than they had to start using ACT for more fluoride!) I let MD pick wehre she wanted to eat since her teeth would be sore...
She picked Mellow Mushroom! SCORE!!! I LOVE that place! :)

Jackson is in the SUPER SUPER silly inmature stage...everything is funny and he LOVES to laugh...
Bless Chelsey's sweet heart...she is so sweet to him!

 Me and my not so little anymore sidekick ~
 Yep...acting like a nut again! God love him! ;)
 Chelsey took Jackson to Target while MDD had her appt. She was a little nervous and wanted me to go back with her (usually they go alone) ~ I was glad I got to was neat to see how they actually put braces on!
We LOVE Dr. Thielke! He is so kind and has 4 girls of his own so he is also very patient!
 No surprise but she did a ROCKSTAR of a job getting them on! Never complained or squirmed...she TOTALLY did gReAt!!! :)
 They went over the "list" of what she could and could not eat...girlfriend has it committed to memory and I am CERTAIN she will follow ALL the rules!
She looks SO grown up now!!!
 She picked hot pink and lime green for her 2 colors ~ she will go every 4 weeks to have them tightened...I was worried about her being in pain last night, but she took some advil and went to dance for 3 hours! I gave her more at bedtime and she slept all night!
She had grits and jello for breakfast and even ate a few cookies! She is doing SUPER!!!
 Because the braces kinda poke her lip out her dimple shows CONSTANTLY!
I know she is mine, but she sure is pretty! :)
Just another day to remind me how QUICKLY they are both growing up!
Jackson was much impressed with her braces and can't wait to  get his now! ;) 

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