Friday, July 27, 2012

One Last "HOO-RAH"

Today was our last "Hoo-Rah" before starting back to school! We actually don't start until the week after next,but we have the big election on Tuesday and I have a Doctor appt, Dalton's leaving to go out of town...and the list goes on....SO ~ I took the kids to Augusta for a day of surprises!!!
Marti Ann went with us ~ her brothers had appointments and were getting their football stuff, so we offered for her to go along ~ they all 3 got along really well and had a fun day!
1st stop ~ Applebees for lunch!!!
 2nd stop ~ SKATING!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to skate!
None of the kids had ever skated before so I got a workout trying to stay upright and help THREE kids learn to skate!!!
 Poor Jackson spent a LOT ~ I mean a LOT of time on the floor ~ I hate to see how bruised he will be tomorrow!!! He was a good sport about it and by the time it was time to leave he was actually getting the hang of it!!! He did hurt his arm once but THANKFULLY he didn't break it!
 Mary Dalton is MUCH more cautious ~ she fell too but not near as much as Jax!!! She stuck near the rail but she too got the hang of things and was pretty good!
 I tried to do a trick from "back in the day" and I BUSTED it!!! My knee still hurts, but gosh we had a blast!
 They were so cute learning to skate ~ too cute with their little arms out!!!
 Mary Dalton got brave and tried to dance while skating!!! ha! They LOVED the disco balls and the music!!!
 And the dancing landed her on the floor ~ at least she was smiling! :)
 3rd stop ~ Artsy Me!!!!
My kids have BEGGED me to paint pottery and we just got a place in Augusta that does that!!! They SQUEALED and SQUEALED when we pulled up! They did not even know they had opened so to say that they were surprised would be a HUGE understatement!!! They picked out plates to paint so they could use them when we eat!
 I can't wait to pick them up next week and see how cute they turned out! They are already begging to go back!!!
Last stops ~ Neopolitan Cupcakes AND Dipping Dots...they could not decide which one they wanted so I decided to do BOTH and they were pumped!!!
We got home just in time to get Mary Dalton to dance registration and drop Jax off with Dalton!!!
It was a GREAT fun day to end a super fun summer!!!
As much as I have enjoyed the summer, I am SO ready to get back into school and to get this election behind us! The kids have been up past 11 for the past few weeks and it has caught up with them! Tonight, they were both in bed by 8:30!!!
We have a busy weekend planned with a few more stops on our campaign trail, hopefully a fishing trip and a night at the cabin!!!
Here's to a FUN weekend!!! 

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