Tuesday, August 21, 2012


*the kids are earning ducks and penguins for the magazine drive at school ~ last night Jax "decorated" the air hole in the bottom of his ducks with a black sharpie. When I asked why he said..."So it looks like they pooped...duh!" his been with me 6 years and I am STILL trying to understand the boy humor!

*MDD got a Bible for her bday and today after school they both got their Bibles and went to have a Bible Club at the tree house ~ they are reading, practicing looking up verses and memorizing them too....did this all on their own...precious!!!

*In the car on the way home MD said, "Mama!!! I had the BEST day!!! I LOVE, I mean LOVE history! Today, we learned all about indians!" She went on to tell me LOTS of things she learned! She is LOVING, I mean LOVING Miss Debbie and 2nd grade!

*Oh! almost forgot...her little friend told Jackson, who told me...she got in trouble for the FIRST TIME EVER at school on monday! another child was doing a make up test and  kept asking mdd for the answer, so she told her. Miss Debbie made her put her head down for 5 mins. I figured she would go to PIECES but when I asked her she said, "It really wasn't that big of a deal...I put my head down for 5 mins. and after I answered so-and-so, he/she shut up!" I was kinda proud of her...I mean who can be good ALL the time!?!? ;)

*Jackson is not so loving 1st grade. He says his teacher is pretty, but she is mean! ha! I am CERTAIN he needs LOTS of correcting...and he sees this as "mean" ~ he doesn't know why ~ "I can't just shoot my bow all day? I mean, I am gonna buy a rental house and quit this school thing!"

*They are both doing great in AR! Mary D. has already passed her 9 week goal and Jackson is learning and doing well taking tests on his own!

Enough ramblings...enjoy your week!

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