Thursday, August 30, 2012

Long Time No Blog ~

We have been BUSY BUSY BUSY around the Dowdy house! I can't believe we are already almost  4 weeks into the school year and September is almost here! Mary Dalton had a dentist appt to get her braces tightened on Monday ~ a trip to Augusta equals a trip to Tutti Fruitti!
She has done SO well with her braces! I can't believe how straight her teeth are already! He changed her wire too to "round out" her smile! Jackson had a filling that came out so Dr. Thielke was SO sweet to work him in while we were there!
 A friend of mine had surgery this week and I made a milky way pound cake to take over. It was SO good!!! I made it before but this time it was even better! I made one for home too and it was gone in 3 days...I think we liked it! ;)
While I was out delivering the cake, the kids wanted to stop by Mike and Gigi's and see Lula ~
they ADORE this dog! She is so precious!!!
Mary Dalton is in full swing with dance ~ so that pretty much takes up Tuesdays and Wednesdays for her. Jackson is busy reading to earn "the most" AR points and he is still loving his crayon maker too!
His ants finally came in! We bought him an ant farm this summer, but they couldn't ship the ants beacuse it was too imagine how happy he was when we got home from school on Tuesday and they were here!!! Dalton helped him get it all set up ~ he has read to the ants, carried them around the house, taken them outside, etc. Who knew ants would make a little boy so happy!?!
Both kids are doing well in school! Jackson had his first spelling test tomorrow and Mary Dalton has helped him get ready! ;)
We (or at least I) am looking forward to a long weekend without any major plans!
Enjoy your week!!! 

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