Monday, August 20, 2012

The Rest of the Birthday Fun!

By the time we got home and got everything squared away, it was time to head to the cabin! Dalton cooked Mary Dalton's favorite meal ~ ribs, fried okra, rolls and I made coleslaw "just because" we needed something else! She was not feeling well at all! Her allergies were awful and she was just worn out!
 Dalton & I called her outside and he asked her all the details about her party ~ he then sent her over to get a bag of wood chips from under the bar....
 At first, she did not see her surprise...but she looked again and....
 her birthday wish came true!!!!!!
 She got JULIE!!!
She has been asking for Julie on and off for about 2 years, so she was VERY surprised!!!!
 While priss went in to play with her new doll, Jackson was practicing his bow and arrow ~
he has gotten the hang of it and is really good!
 he had the BEST time with "the boys" at the cabin! They shot the guns, bows, killed a rattle snake, built a fort and rode the golf cart! Dalton said he was very good! :)
 After the big gift reveal, Big Daddy & Suz came and so did Mike and Gigi!
We had a great night celebrating with our family!!!
 and for the THIRD time, we sang happy birthday to mdd! she said she didn't make a wish because her wish had already come true! ;)
It was a super fun weekend! 

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