Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spa-Riffic Birthday Party!!!

We have celebrated ALL weekend long!!!
Mary Dalton turned 8 yesterday and we had a spa party!
The celebration started on Friday with her school party!
 (This was one of the FEW pics of Jax from the weekend so I thought I 'd include it!)
She was SUPER excited to have homemade strawberry cupcakes to share with her class from her favorite place ~ Cornerstone Market!
 Sweet girls who helped MDD celebrate!!!
 Miss Debbie got to give her a few licks for her birthday! ;) She is SUCH a sweet teacher...we LOVE her!!!
 Friday night, Jackson went to the cabin for the night with dalton & rhett ~ MDD and I went and picked up groceries and a friend to spend the night!
They woke up and had her favorite breakfast ~ ham and cheese rolls from the Dutch House!
 All the girls rode with us, but a few dropped by early ~
Whitney Sue, Mary D and Mary Will
 Me and the birthday girl!
 1st stop was Mellow Mushroom for pizza! They were PRECIOUS!!!
So sweet and lady like!!!
don't you LOVE all those hairbows??? ;)
 After lunch, we headed to Tiaras and Pearls ~ a new spa in Augusta for little girls. It was WONDERFUL!!! If you need to do a party ~ go here! It is was a little pricey, but once I walked in I was SOLD! They were SO professional and the girls had a BLAST!!! Everything ran like clock work and I had to do nothing! My kind of party!
 The girls all brought their AG dolls along, too!
 They rotated them through stations ~ manicure, pedicure and make up ~ these little chicks were in HEAVEN!!! They also walked the run way (those pics to come later this week!) and let me just say...these little ones are NOT SHY! They could WORK IT!!!
 After the runway, they started their spa treatments! I thin that they would have stayed on the runway the entire time!
A view of the spa ~
They had a room in the back for the cake
The people at Tiaras and Pearls did not overlook one little detail! I could not have planned it better myself! I was VERY VERY VERY impressed (and I am not easily impressable!)
 After cake, the ladies danced with the girls ~ they REALLY enjoyed this too since they all dance!
 They laughed and laughed and danced and danced...
She asked us to join in but Mary D. had given me STRICT instructions NOT to dance!
Oh well, maybe next time!
 Then it was time for cake!!!
She closed her eyes SO tightly to make her wish
(which came true later that night!)
 After cake, Mary Dalton got to sit in the high heel shoe chair to open her gifts! she got such nice things!!!
 for treat bags, we gave lunch bags filled with spa goodies!
 Mr. Matt (AKA Honey Biscuit) stopped by to pick up his princess and had time to pose with the girls!
It was SUCH a fun day celebrating Mary Dalton's 8th birthday! I am beyond blessed to be her mother! She is little girl I DREAMED of having and prayed for for years! She has been a joy to have as my sweet little girl!

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