Thursday, August 16, 2012

And so the CELEBRATING begins!!!!

It's that time of year for Mary Dalton ~ BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!
Her first present was from Nana and Pawpaw and it came on Wednesday! She was SO excited when she got in from dance to open it!!!
Nana also put some really cute tops in there for me ~ thanks Mama! :)
 Jackson was SO sweet watching her open her gift and "guessing" what it could be!
A precious new purse and wallet with FIFTY dollars!!!
She is alrady planning a "shopping spree!"
 Sweet Nana also sent Jackson a happy ~ a cool matchbox car track set! He has had a blast playing with it!
 Even Mary Dalton has had fun playing with the track! :)
 We will celebrate at school tomorrow and then with her party on Saturday!!!

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