Monday, August 13, 2012

He's Baaccckkk!!!!!

We were SO ready for Dalton to get home on Thursday! We missed him SO much while he was gone! I cannot STAND to be apart from him for that long! A night or two is ok, but more than 2 and I am NOT interested!!! You would think after 12 years of marriage I would be happy to see him on his merry way, but no sir...I want him with me. Period. End of story.
Anyway ~ Jackson was BEYOND proud that his daddy gave him a 1,000 dove club hat! When Dalton killed 1000 or 1500 in a day he got a hat! Jax was so proud of it, he wore it to bed! :)
 Dalton had a great time and has told us lots of funny things that happened on the trip!
What a BUNCH a birds!! I am TERRIFIED of birds so this would not be my idea of a good time! Grand total for the trip was over 44,000 in 4 days!!!!
(they don't eat these birds, they give them to the people in the village)
 A friend of mine sent me this ~ her husband took it and she photo shopped it ~
What a PRECIOUS memory Dalton can share with his Daddy! I can't wait for Jackson to be able to go on trips with Dalton!
 Friday night, we went out to eat and I got caught up on laundry ~
Saturday brought MAJOR rain and we enjoyed a lazy day at home! It cleared up just in time for Olivia's birthday party! Saturday night, was DATE NIGHT! I had this handsome man's undivided attention! He even let me go to The Limited and did not rush me once!! (Maybe bird hunting pays off!!??!) We had a wonderful dinner at Calvert's thanks to a friend who gave Dalton a gift certificate for helping her out with a speeding ticket! ;)
Sunday after church, the boys went to shoot bows and Mary Dalton & I swam. Jackson learned to shoot and is doing super!!! He had an injury ~ still not 100% sure what happened, but somehow he fell into the end (not the sharp part) of the arrow and cut his chest pretty good ~ he was VERY brave and did not cry and is SUPER proud of his "Boob Scar" ~ says it makes him look tough! ha!
Dalton cooked his famous burgers Sunday night and it was the PERFECT ending to a fun and relaxing weekend!!! 

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