Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Social Calendar like a Jr League Member!!!

I swear that Mary Dalton's calendar/schedule keeps me going in 500 directions these days!!!
Friday after school, she went home to play with Marti Ann ~ Jackson and I came home and I finished the laundry and worked for THREE hours to reset his ipod ~ he "forgot" the password!
Saturday morning, Mary D. had to dance at Bloomin Occasions Open House ~
 Our sweet friend "miss" Pam just opened the store and my kids ADORE her!!!
She had all sorts of treats to eat after they danced and even cooked the corndogs!
They had a BLAST playing with her little girl Kennedy!
 Jackson & Ty get drug all over the place for dance! At least they are good sports about it! ;)

After lunch, Mary Dalton went with Marti Ann and her Grandmother for a Girl's Day in Augusta ~ They saw a movie, had dinner and went shopping...they had a BLAST!
I felt bad that Jackson was stuck at home with me so we put up his Christmas tree and he was SO SO SO excited about that!!!
Today, I took the girls to see one of their friends in the local play ~ it was precious! Afterwards, Dalton cooked us crab legs, fried shrimp and sausage! It was SO good!!
No trip to the farm is complete without roasting marshmallows!
The girls have dance in the morning, then we are delivering our counties Operation Christmas Child Boxes to Augusta....then to MS the kids and I go!!!

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Home of a Magnolia said...

Hope you have a great time in Mississippi this week. Back to our busy schedules next week. MW loved having the girls at the performance on Sunday.

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