Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mississippi Thanksgiving

The kids and I left on Monday to head to MS! I was so disappointed that Dalton could not go with us, but he was so sweet to be excited for us to go anyway! He was in the middle of a trial and could not be off of work...we missed him terribly!
 The kids LOVE going to Natchez and Jackson was excited about helping Nana make sausage balls!
After some cooking, we went to some of our favorite stores!
We LOVE to go to Darby's and get fudge...although I am a NERVOUS wreck my kids will break something while we are in there!
 Jackson found a new love while we were there ~ WENDYS!!!
He even ate their fries! We ate there seveal times while we in town! :)
Mary Dalton LOVES her Nana!!!
 Then, I took these good Baptist children to tour the winery in Natchez. They have started watching MoonShiners on Discovery, so I thought this would be educational!
 While we were there, one of the owner's grandchildren found a baby squirrel ~ They LOVED holding it and want one now!
 These are the "holding" tanks ~ it takes about 1 year from start to finish to make a bottle of wine! That's a LONG time!
 We made our semi annual trip to Dollar Tree and Mama gave the kids each $20 to spend! They bought gifts for all of our family that was coming for Thanksgiving! Mary Dalton made John Mark a crown that said "John Mark Rocks" ~ how precious are they?!?! ;)
 She made her 2 girl cousins barretts with glitter! They were looking good!
 We got SO tickled at this ~ Jackson wrote this for Elizabeth ~ then scratched out the "PS" ~ "Don't tell anyone this but you are my favorite cousin!" Needless to say, the other cousins got a laugh about that! Thankfully they are all teenagers and took the news well! ha!
 I think Elizabeth is pretty crazy about Jackson, too! :)
 LOVE John Mark! He has grown into such a handsome young man and I can't believe he is going to graduate this year!!! Makes me feel OLD!!! It seems like just yesterday I was picking this baby up from daycare!
 It's not often that we are all together ~ and technically we weren't because Dalton wasn't there ~ but we had to get a pic of Nana and Pawpaw and the grandkids! John Mark will be college next year, then Emily will graduate, so our "together" days are coming to an end....
 It was fun to catch up with Mary Margaret and Tasha, too!
We had the best time laughing about funny things that have happened in years past!
My sister in a NUT and is so much fun to be around!
 Thursday night, we went down to the River to see the Christmas lights! They weren't even lit up but the kids had a ball running and looking at the barges! I so love that they still get excited about little things! I know that this won't last much longer, so I try to enjoy it while I can!
 My best friend JJ and I were able to have dinner on Wednesday night and she talked me into going to WALMART of all places for Black Friday so she could get an iPad ~ We were in line for 2 hours adn 30 mins, but she got it! We got to Walmart at 8 and left at 12:20! It was worth the trip just to people watch! after that, we went to Belk and then finally got home around 2:30 ~ which is 3:30 GA time...I am STILL trying to recover from that excursion!
 We had planned to go to my sister's house on Friday to break the trip up ~ 10 hours is a HAUL when you are alone with 2 kids ~ but the kids were traveling so well and we were missing Dalton SO bad, that we booked it onto GA! We got home after midnight and we were SO excited to see Dalton/Daddy!
 I bough the kids Madagascar 3 @ walmart and it came with a free wig ~
Mary Dalton wore this thing THE ENTIRE 10 HOURS HOME! You can't really see it, but she stuck her hair bow in the wig, too! She was eating cotton candy with a clown/afro wig on  ~felt like I was at a circus!
We made GREAT time coming home and didn't get into traffic going out there or coming home. We had a wonderful visit and are so thankful to have such a fun family to go and visit! 

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