Monday, December 17, 2012

School family & Prayers for Many....

I have said numerous times before that I am SO thankful for TJA. Our school is small and we are really like a family...I have taught this years seniors since they were in 5th grade...I have watched them grow up. I have seen them grow, mature and develop into amazing young adults. I have seen them struggle with grades, divorce, friend drama, deaths of grandparents and even parents, illnesses and numerous other things. I have learned so much from them. I love those kids. I would do ANYTHING I could in power to help any one of them.
I am thankful that the teachers my children have feel the same way about MY children. They love them, our school and Jesus. They wouldn't be at TJ if they didn't...
 Jackson was not able to go to school today, but a parent was in the classroom this morning working on Christmas crafts and snapped this picture...they were in morning devotion praying for the victims of Friday's shooting in CT. I love that our children can pray freely at school and they is a running list of prayer requests in almost every class.
We may not have the best of everything at our school, but we have the best teachers.
LOVE it there!
 While Jackson has been home, Mary Dalton opened up a tattoo parlor ~ He had her tattoo "TAYLOR" his new girlfriend's name on his arm/back....LOVELY!!! stays on for 2 weeks....NICE!
 Last week, I let each one of my high school classes have a day off and have a Christmas Party!
We had SO much fun!!!
We played games I played at church parties and sleep overs growing up...and they had NEVER played ANY of them!!! Sheltered Babies! ;)
 We exchanged White Elephant gifts ~
Wore tacky sweaters  ~
Played "Plate Art" ~
 And "get the cookies from your forehead to your mouth" .....without using your hands!
Too funny!!!
 It was a super fun week and after Friday's incident it makes me realize how much I really do LOVE these children I teach and how thankful I am for EACH one of them!!!
I can't even begin to write about, explain or process my thoughts on the Newtown shooting...I really can't imagine how the teachers felt or even worse the parents...I don't know that gun control laws are the answer...I don't know what the answer/solution is.I know that it reminded me again not to take a single second for granted.   I can just offer my prayers to those effected and anxiously await for Jesus' return...

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