Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Break is FINALLY here!!!

The kids JUMPED out of bed on Wednesday because it was "party" day and they were super pumped about Christmas break!!!
Elfie left them a note reminding them that Santa was getting ready!!! 
I had to give an exam but was able to sneak away and peek in at their fun party!
Miss Debbie let everyone wear their PJs and they had a super fun day! 

Jackson's class had a fun time as well and he was excited to be sitting my his new lady friend, Taylor! :) They made reindeer food and had pizza! He had a great time! 

After school, Whitney Sue came home with Mary Dalton and they made Christmas cookies...
It was SO nice because they are big enough to do EVERYTHING except taking them out of the oven without any help! While they baked and cooled, they went to the tree house! 

Jackon made some really cute cookies, too! They were all very sweet and enjoyed the afternoon very much! 

Today, I had 2 gifts left to pick up so we went to Augusta and then to the movie ~ We also made a stop and booked Jackson's birthday party! It is a dreary day and rain is coming tonight...I think the kids are worn out not only from all of our holliday acitivies but also still getting over being sick...and I am worn out, too! You KNOW Mary Dalton is tired if she is sleeping...and in this position! 
We are looking forward to some time at the farm before our activities start again!

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