Saturday, December 22, 2012

All Sorts of Fun!!

We escaped to the cabin this weekend for some MUCH overdue R &R ~ 
The kids and I went out on Friday around lunch, Dalton joined us later that night...
Best part about the cabin is the FOOD! Dalton cooks and it is always sooo good!
Jackson helped me make hamburger dip when we got's not Christmas without Rotel & Velveeta! ;) 

They made their own make shift table! ;) 
They put the cushions on the floor and would climb up the loft ladder ~ They dove off the ladder and slid across the floor...if their body part touched the floor...sharks ate them.
They played this ALL weekend and had SO much fun! Thankfully, this game did not require a trip to the ER! 

I rolled Mary Dalton's hair on sponge rollers ~ She LOVED the way it turned out so we rolled it again tonight for church tomorrow! 

Jackson left his hatchet at home, but Dalton taught him to use the saw...he sawed and sawed til he cut the tree down...the boy has determination! 
We also shot the gun...

Love this little boy SO much!!! 

Even Mary Dalton got in on the gun action! 
Dalton was a BRAVE man and took them BOTH hunting tonight while I watched a chick flick! We are some delicious chicken he grilled and then headed back home so we would be rested and ready for church and our Happy Birthday Jesus Party tomorrow!
It was a wonderful weekend and I am so thankful for my sweet little family!

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