Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesus Party!!!

Tonight we had some of our closest friends over to help us celebrate the reason for Christmas ~ Jesus' Birthday!
Dalton was armed and ready to greet our guests! ;)
 Our preacher's wife makes the CUTEST cakes and they are so reasonably priced too!
This cake was SO good!!!
We have enjoyed eating this holliday season for sure!
 After everyone got here, we loaded up on the trailer and caroled to some of our neighbors...
 the kids were SO stinking cute and all of the neighbors were so sweet to them!
 We stopped at Dalton's parents' house and finally got everyone to pause for one quick second for a picture! They were WIDE open, so the fact that we got one picture is amazing!
 We came back to our house and sang Happy Birthday Jesus and enjoyed cake, sausage balls and other treats! The kids were ALL so sweet! Our children are SO blessed with such good friends!!!

This is a tradition I hope we can continue ~ we skipped last year, but hopefully we will be able to continue this! We ALL had a great time! 

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