Thursday, February 28, 2013

14 Years Ago Today.....

14 years ago today, we got a call from my sister that she was in labor with her son. We left and went to Jackson to be there for his birth.  The weather was AWFUL and we got "stranded" at my brother's house to wait out the rain/storms....

While we were waiting, Mary Margaret (my sister in law) suggested we call their new neighbor who had become their great friend...and kept the kids for them sometimes too! She said he was from GA and was in law school there. I had heard lots about Dalton and she wanted us to meet him...
As soon he walked in John Mark (my nephew) who was 3 said,
"Amber, this is the Rowdy Dowdy I want you to marry."
I laughed and looked at Dalton and said,
"Yeah....he wants us to get married!" ha!

He came in and was SO easy to talk to! He was too cute and had the BEST personality...he had "sworn off" women though...after I left he told them he thought I was pretty, but "she needs a few years to mature...." 

A few years turned into about 2 weeks and he called me. We talked for HOURS. EVERYDAY.
We could not get enough of each other.

We wrote hundreds of letters back and forth...I have them all....
We just "work" and always have. I can't explain it. Our marriage is not something that either of us have to work at.  We just belong together.
He asked me to marry him on July 31st ~
I was SOOOOOO excited!!!

I will never forget the day we met.
One of the best days of my life. 

Neither one of us are perfect...we both have plenty of faults and ways we need to improve...
but we are perfect for each other.
And that is what makes me love this man more everyday.

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