Friday, March 1, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust...

For some reason this song is playing in my head...could it be that we have yet another sick child?!?! I am OFFICIALLY out of sick days! I will get docked a heck of lot more than I make in day everytime I miss work from here on out...and I am sure it will happen.
It seems like everyone at our school has been sick...
there's so much going around!!!
I just need my mama here.
end of story.
I have gotten LOTS done though! Thank heavens the kids are old enough to just lay in bed and be sick...and not bother us. I know that sounds awful, but when they were little and sick it was AWFUL.
AWFUL. AWFUL. I get cold chills thinking about it.
Glad those days are OVER.
Mary Dalton is WELL Praise the Lord!
She and I have been together nonstop since last Friday, so I was VERY happy she had a birthday party to go to tonight! We needed some "apart" time! ;)
As if last week wasn't stressful enough with my Daddy in the hospital, Dalton's grandfather passing away, one child with the flu, the other with I am not sure what...fever virus??....
Add in the fact that Dalton's truck had to have MAJOR repairs done.
The only good thing about stress is I can POUND out some miles on the treadmill in "record" time ~
record time for me anyway! ;) I have ran so much that my knees/legs are killing today I
did some exercising and yoga.
I got stuck in a yoga pose...wish I was kidding.
Another good thing that came about this week is Mary Dalton threw up alone upstairs and handled it.
We have arrived.
Vomit in the correct place ~ check.
Don't cry why you are doing it ~ double check.
Don't even call me AND do the above ~ YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
We don't have dance this weekend...I am not used to so much time at home! What to do? What to do?
I have exams this next week so there is NO CHOICE but for my kids to get well. I HAVE to go to work. I have taken them with me and kept them in my classroom, so if Jackson is not better, there he will be....
and if I get the flu....
I will be there too! I can wear a mask! ha!
OK ~ enough rambling but I NEED adult interaction! I am not good at being stuck at home!!!

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