Monday, March 4, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things ~

I was so excited to get back to work today! We were at school at 7 a.m!!! The kids are worn out today, but I feel like a new woman! I was glad to get back into my routine and back to my students!

Mary Dalton was deemed "well" on Friday ~ she got to go to her friend Maggie's birthday party! She was SO excited! They got toe decorate their own cakes...and let me tell you that cake was GOOD!!!!
Saturday, I HAD to get out of the house! Mary Dalton & I went to Augusta and ate Tako Sushi and searched high and low for Jackson a seer sucker suit for Easter with no luck! :(
We did get Susan-lane (our new cousin!) a precious outfit and got Mary Dalton some sandals for Easter. I decided I wasn't wasting money on white shoes for her to wear one day. 

Jackson has TOTALLY "traded me in" for his Daddy! He would rather go with his Daddy then go just about anywhere with me! They spent Saturday in the FREEZING cold on the four wheeler, shooting gun and he played in every mud puddle he could find. I asked him if he wanted to play soccer or baseball this year ~ he said
"No mam ~ I am hunting turkeys with Daddy."
I love that they have a hobby that they both can enjoy! 

Saturday night Dalton grilled steaks at the cabin and we enojoyed a quiet restful evening!

We played a game with kids called "How Well Do You Know Your Parents" ~
They had to "gobble" with their turkey call to answer ~ we asked them our full names, our birthdays, our anniversary, favorite food/show/drink ~
Needless to say this provided LOTS of laughs for me and Dalton! 

We were FINALLY home and WELL and all 4 were able to go to church on Sunday!
After church, the kids finished up their make up work and chores. There wasn't a thing in the world "special" or "exciting" about our weekend, but we sure did enjoy ourselves! :)

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