Monday, February 25, 2013

Out for the Week ~

I took Mary Dalton to the Dr today and she tested positive for the flu! :( So did one her best friendsthat she goes to school with and dances with! I am cleaning and spraying Lysol like it's my job and PRAYING the rest of us avoid it! She can't go back to school this WEEK so I have opened up Dowdy General Hospital (aka pallet in my room) and hopefully she will be on the mend soon! She's so sick now she won't get out of her bed...breaks my heart! I will spend the rest of today working on lesson plans for the sub, canceling appointments and trying to keep Jackson FAR away from his sister! I am trying some new crockpot recipes from Mix and Match Mama so I am excited about that! :) Oh! and The Bachelor comes on tonight! Silver lining in everything! ;)

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