Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lots of Updates & Ramblings....

This past week has just about done us in! We were so tired last night, that we were in bed by 9 and Dalton slept in his clothes! It has been an emotionally draining week, but I am SO happy to report that my Daddy is home and is feeling great! What an answer to prayer!
The kids were excited to find out today that they are having a baby cousin this summer! Dalton's sister is expecting a little girl in late July! I LOVE a baby (one that's not mobile!) so I can't wait to play, snuggle and spoil her....and then send her home!! :) 

We decided to take the kids to Dalton's grandfather's funeral ~ they did really well with it ~ this was their first experience with death/funeral and I tried to prepare them as best as I could but we had lots of questions come up....
1.) Why is Granddaddy in a gun safe?
2.) Will he be cleaned up? Will his tongue be back in his mouth?
(obviously they are used to seeing dead deer!)
3.) Can y ou text in heaven?
And my personals favorite part of the whole day ~ 

As we were leaving the graveside, Jackson tripped on the stand that was holding the casket and ALMOST fell into the hole! I kid you not, my heart went to my feet!!! He caught himself but the carpet thingy that covers the hole....went into the hole. We left.
Mary Dalton was SUPER excited about the "all you can eat buffet" at the church after the burial! ha!

We got back Friday afternoon in time to regroup and get ready for yet ANOTHER dance competition! This was in Augusta, so at least it was a day trip!

Mary Dalton has just started noticing that she is the only one at competition that doesn't have "fans" there to cheer her on. She was so excited about having some fans at this competition! Angela and Sallie Ann came to cheer for her and her Daddy and Jackson were there too! Miss Cathy was planning to come, but her mom was put in the hospital so she couldn't make it!
This is Marti Ann's "Nana" ~ my kids ADORE her and she is SO stinking cute! I am so thankful that we have so many sweet friends who love my children like their own family! 

Jackson was NOT excited about watching the competition! He was SO excited he got to leave after Mary Dalton's solo and go run errands with his Daddy! 

Big Daddy had to go to a funeral, but he got there in time for awards and brought Mary Dalton some roses! I noticed about noon that she wasn't acting like  herself and was pretty sure she had a fever...we got out of there JUST in time...this girl has been SICK with 101-103 since we left! Not sure if it's strep or viral but she is pitiful! 
I asked her several times if she wanted to leave or go lay down and I must say she was a TROOPER! Even with fever, she danced her little heart out and while she on stage she never let on to the fact that she was sick! Her solo was great, they were AWESOME in their small group and the production number was great too!
She won High Gold and overall high score for her division! The small group won overall and they scored Plantinum!
I guess their long practices have paid off!
We have a few weeks to learn some new dances and then we will head to Savannah! 
I am so thankful that we are off of school tomorrow ~ not that we could go anyway! Mary Dalton has slept most of the day so I have started my spring cleaning ~ I LOVE to spring clean! I am organizing closets, drawers, etc and cleaning every nook and cranny!
Hopefully this week will NOT be as adventurous/emotionally draining as the last one!

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