Monday, May 6, 2013

"I Think He Needs a Wheelchair"

I just realized it's been a week since I have blogged...I was not feeling well at all last week so I the little down time I had I tried to get well!
Anyway ~ I am good to go now and praying the rest of the clan stays well as we have LOTS of fun coming up in the next few weeks!!!
I have to say I have SOOOOO enjoyed not having weeknight commitments! The kids and I have been busy and are enjoying our time at home!
Last week, I had to go to the mall to get a few things...
Mary Dalton & I were NOT excited about Jackson going...and he felt the SAME way!
I decided to take the old stroller and let him play his ipad...
worked like a charm except pushing a 58 lb 7 year old is HARD WORK!!!
Mary Dalton wanted to push him and kept ramming him into walls...
she got frustrated and said,
"I think big boy needs himself a wheelchair!"
(We did get LOTS of strange looks, but my plan worked...I got my "to do" list of graduation gifts bought and he was perfect....and I got a free workout! ;) 

The kids have been enjoying the long days....if we could just get some warm weather now!
They were so excited that a bird made a nest at the tree house in Mary Dalton's purse! They check it everyday to see if they have hatched...I just hope the Mama Bird still cares for the eggs...I told them NOT to bother them, but a certain someone who likes to touch things might or might not have touched the eggs...
guess we will see!

Mary Dalton went to the coast with Suz and got to miss 2 days of school. Jackson wanted to go REALLY bad, but I had to keep him at home because he got himself into a little predicament earlier in the week and we were not sure whether or not he would need medical attention....
and how I wish I was exaggerating!

Stay tuned for THAT story!!!

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