Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's Dance ~ recital 2013

We are SLOWLY recovering from the 2 day dance recital!!!
Mary Dalton had herself a GREAT time!!!
She LOVES dance...otherwise I would NOT have spend 3 days at recital/dress rehearsal/etc! 

Thankfully I have GREAT "Dance Moms" that ensure we have a good time! Julie and I worked together this weekend backstage ~ we had a great time! 

LOCK the doors!!!!
We have some beautiful girls!!!
And they are sweet so that makes them even cuter! ;)

I have learned the MOST important thing at dance recitals/long practices/ competitions is to FEED the kids ALL the time! They burn a LOT of calories so we had lots of grapes, apples, sandwiches, candy, etc to keep them going! 

We had a "quick change" ~ we had ONE song to get the girls out of their sea cruise outfits and into their Bad tap was SO hot backstage and when you add a little pressure, we were REALLY hot!!! We had all their clothes waiting and ready for them to come off stage! 

After Saturday ~ we got to do it ALL over on Sunday!!!
It went just as smoothly! 
My favorite ballerina!

Big Daddy, Suz, Sue-anna and Amos came to see the recital on Sunday!
Mary Dalton was excited to have some "fans" there! Suz and Big gave her a PRECIOUS ballerina frog ~ she is beautiful!
Thank heavens for ipads!!! This kept Jackson entertained for the whole THREE hours....LONG recital!!! 

Dalton and I gave her a pandora charm ~ the "peace" charm...
she has already requested the cruise ship charm for nationals since they dance to "Sea Cruise" and that's her favorite dance! 

Amos and Sue-anna gave her beautiful flowers! Before too long, Susan-Laine will be dancing too! 
Another mom took this pic from backstage, love the prayer circle of Mary Dalton and some of her best friends! 

It was LONG, exhuasting but worth it when I saw her smile and excitement!
We have a few weeks off from dance and she is already is mising it!!!
Mama on the otherhand is enjoying herself ! :)

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