Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Nest is FULL Again!!!

We got to Birmingham Saturday to meet Mama and get the kids! We were excited that we got to see Zach and Elizabeth ~ Having teenage cousins mean that their social calendars are often full and we miss seeing them!!! Jackson was not into being photographed....he was in the car!
We headed to ATL for to spend the rest of our weekend!
We took the kids to Cheesecake Factory ~ Jackson LOVES cheesecake!!!
We talked them into taking a nap and then they swam for a little while ~
The water was FREEZING!!!! They spent a good bit of time in the hot tub!
(I think they grew a foot while they were gone!)
Saturday night we went to the laser show at Stone Mountain ~ It was something we have wanted to do for awhile but never have had a chance.
We took bubbles, an airplane, snacks and candy to help pass the time! The ground was SOAKED but we found a seat at a table and moved down just as the show was starting. They LOVED it! Well worth the trip!
This morning we took the kids to Dave and Busters ~
To say they had fun would be an understatement!!!
They had a BLAST!!!!!
Sis hit the JACKPOT!!! She won 500 tickets!!!!
After a good 2 hours of lunch and arcade games, the boys went to Bass Pro and we went shopping...
We met back up at their other favorite thing ~ The trampoline!!! They were flipping and flipping....
hard to get a good pic!
We did one last thing before heading home!!!
This was the same virtual ride they had on the Disney Cruise...they loved it!
I think this picture sums up how much fun we had!
We wore Jax out!!!
We got home, unloaded and then headed to celebrate Whitney's 8th birthday!!!
They are growing up so fast!!!
Jackson was excited to see his friend Will ~ and not to be SO outnumbered for once!!!
It was a great weekend ~ filled with lots of fun, laughter, and special memories!!!

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