Friday, June 28, 2013

The Original Dowdys....

We always joke with the kids that Dalton and I are the original Dowdys...that's what we've been this week...just the two of us! It was a great change of pace and we didn't do anything fancy or fabulous but it was wonderful! 
We picked berries and made a cobbler. I used vanilla coffee creamer and it was super good!!! I plan to do another one this week for the fourth!
I went to a meeting with Dalton, caught up on laundry, laid out for a couple of hours, spent an afternoon in Augusta, and cleaned out and reorganized a few things! 
We went to ATL Friday night so we wouldn't have so far to drive on Saturday to get the kids! We had a nice dinner at Teds Montana Grill...perfect end to our week! People always say they don't know what to do without their kids around...I love mine with every fiber in my body, but Dalton and I can pick right back up where we left off 8 years ago! The time we spend together is priceless!
And now my friends...wish I was kidding but this was my look on Thursday!! I put my glasses on in Home Depot and walked out...I thought to myself "Dang! I'm gonna have to go back to the eye dr! One eye is so clear and is so dark!" Walked on out...spoke to two or three people...who just smiled and laughed.  I got my car and saw this image! Nice Blonde Moment to say the least! If Mary dalton would've been with me this never would've happened!!! Good times getting old!!! ;)

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