Thursday, June 27, 2013

Making Memories in MS ~

My kids are having a BLAST in MS! It seems like when I am there I never have enough time to see everyone, do everything and eat everywhere! I am so thankful that my kids got to stay an extra week to spend some time with my parents and in MS! They have had fun things planned each day and I love talking to them at night and hearing about how much fun they had...and what they have planned for the next day!
My mama let them make cookies and then took them to visit my Great Aunt Mart in the nursing home. I was nervous about how they would react, but Mama said that they were so sweet to the residents. They even make decorations and fancied up Aunt Mart's wheelchair!
They have played on EVERY playground in the county ~ Fed the ducks ~ saw my old elementary school ~
Spent time at the creek ~ They were MOST excited about this! We grew up playing in the creek...they took a picnic and stayed all day!
They had cooking day and Mama let them each make their own cupcakes and decorate them ALONE. They were SO proud of themselves!!
They had Pintrest Day and tried out several new activites, crafts and projects!
They have a fun Nana! ;)
And obviously Nana and Pawpaw are wearing them OUT!!!
They will leave tomorrow to go to AL and we will pick them up on Saturday morning!
I know that they have made some sweet, precious memories and I can't wait to hear about their fun!

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