Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Who Bought a Zoo!?!?!

I feel like WE did!!! Everywhere I look there are animals!!!
My mama ordered Jackson a cage to trap animals...he was ready to set it and is still waiting on his first catch!!!
I had to go to AGS today and get LOTS of things for a house Dalton is re-doing...several things required quotes and custom orders...the kids were SO patient that I took them to Learning Express. They each got a Rainbow Loom and had a quick tutorial in the store on how to make them! They LOVE it!!!
Then, we went to Pet Co ~ Jax had a gift card from his birthday and has been wanting an aquarium...Mary Dalton had a bowl so she got a Beta fish too!
He picked out plants and "toys" for his two fish ~ he got 2 betas, but there is a divider in the aquarium for them...it's really neat!
We camehome and got to work setting up the NEW fish home!!!
He named them Donald and Daisy...hope they aren't pushing up DAISIES anytime soon!!!
He also bought Mr Miggins a ball (he's been wanting one FOREVER!) and some treats!
he LOVES animals!!! He now wants a BIRD!?!?!
Mary Dalton's fish is Emily ~
This is the same contraption she had when she was 4 ~ it's super cute! Let's just hope Emily lives!
Thank goodness for raingy day activities!!!
They both have made tons of bracelets with their Rainbow Looms!
My Daddy made MD these "bump" beds as she calls them ~
She got to help him finish them up, and made pillows with Nana! It's so cute in her room and she has LOVED playing with it!!!

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