Friday, July 5, 2013

Rainy 4th of July ~ ~ ~

GA has had RECORD rainfall this summer! When I say I "record" I mean is really getting ridiculous ~ I have lost my tan, the pool is attracting frogs galore and the walls are starting to CLOSE in. I am in DESPERATE need of some vitamin D!
The 4th was SUPPOSED to be pretty ~ We headed to the Miller's annual BBQ ~
The food is always so good and the kids have the best time just running and playing...
I think that this is the first year we weren't plus from the buckets of rain!
Mary Dalton played with Libby Ann ~ she just loves to "mother" ~ I have a feeling I have a teacher in the making!
And then our fun time turned to STORMS in about 2 minutes! And this isn't just a "summer rain" ~ when this sets are done. For. The. Day. It POURED!!!
We had made plans to meet several other families and tailgate before the fireworks. The fireworks got cancelled and ALL the kids were SO sad! (Their parents were kinda sad too!) We did the next best thing we knew to do...

Head to the farm!!!
We cooked a very NON-traditional 4th of July supper...pancakes and bacon!
We put on our boots and went to pick blackberries...
Another plus from the rain....we have a HUGE crop!!! We put up close to 20 cups! That's enough for 10 good sized cobblers! We love to just eat them, too! Our fingers were stained from all the picking!
We spent the night at the farm and got up this morning and went mud riding on the 4 to do SOMETHING with all that mud! Jackson had himself a fine time! We came home and attempted to swim...we got in abot an hour and then the rain came AGAIN!!! We went back to the farm and Dalton cooked the BEST ribs and fries asparagus...and we had some homemade blackberry cobbler!
THAT made our rainy day better for sure!!!
It's hard to believe in ONE MONTH we will be back in school! This summer has gone by WAY too fast! I am going to do my best to ENJOY the last few weeks of sleeping in, no homework, projects, etc. before we start again in full swing!!!

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