Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Break at LaSt!!!!!!

The kids and I are SO excited to be Christmas break! While I was busy giving exams and grading them ~ they were having a fine time at their PJ/Christmas parties! I wasn't able to attend the party, but did run down the hall to see them on my break!
In 2nd grade, you send a gift for your own child ~ no exchanging ~ it's supposed to be a surprise so I hated not to send JDD a gift. (Normally, I encourage my kids NOT to participate in gift swaps at's just swapping money and they never need or even sometimes like what they get. We buy for a needy child instead). I found a Rainbow Loom book that shows you step by step how to make different bracelets...
I had NO CLUE there were so many ways to weave soem rubber bands!
Anyway...he was thrilled!
Mary Dalton's class bought gifts for a needy child, but got tons of treats at their party today, too!
After school, I took the kids (plus Whitney Sue) by the nursing home to deliver a poinsettia. I ALMOST trashed it...we have two at home and i knew it would be dead when we got back to school...and MDD suggested we take it to the hospital...but I opted for the nursing home instead. I let them take it inside and they were SO sweet!!! The residents loved seeing children made my Friday! :)
I dropped MDD off to celebrate Mary Will's 9th birthday! She had a blast playing and seeing her friends from her previous dance studio!
While MDD was partying ~ I took this mess of a man to buy Taylor his girl friend a gift. He told me earlier in the week he wanted to get her something but wanted to wait until the 20th in case he broke up with her...nice Jax. She gave him a football at school, so after school the 2 of us went shopping...
He picked out some fabulous lotion/shower gel/perfume for $2 and a necklace...
We wrapped it and took it back to the school to give to Taylor (she was at after school) ~
She just giggled and told him how much she loved it! It was really cute!
(I think the sun was in JDD's eyes! **Squinty**)
We came home to unload gifts and TONS of groceries ~
Suz got the kids electricity at the tree house so they have been ALL afternoon! They spent the night with Suz and Big and Sue-anna texted me this pic of Jax asleep on Susan-Laine's playmate...
and that pink "blob" back there ~ that'd be Mary D...
all those parties wore them out!!!

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