Sunday, December 8, 2013

Getting Crafty...

Friday night I hosted a Truth Be Told Party at my house! It was so much fun to have some friends over and get a little crafty! We made these precious frames and it really was super easy!!! 
I was flipping through the paper and saw our school had Honor Roll Honors listed! Way to go MD! Third grade is the first year our school acknowledges Honor Roll.
Mary Dalton went to a birthday party yesterday. It was a gross, rainy day but Jackson helped me make sausage balls and some cookies too! It was fun to have some one on one time with him! He's growing up so fast and is such a little character! 
When MD got home, we let them open their ornaments. We give them an ornament each year and it's so much fun to pick out one for them year after year! Jax got a hunting one and MD got dance!
She was also excited Flat Stanley made it back to GA! She's going to get his scrapbook made this week! My sister's family were great hosts for FS and she even sent treats back for Mary Dalton's class! 
And Jackson enjoyed the packaging...he put a little junk in his trunk!!! Ha! Never a dull moment around here!!!

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