Saturday, April 5, 2014

Platinum Dance Competition & Redneck Boys....

Today Mary Dalton had dance competition in Statesboro! She was so excited that Whitney Sue came along with us! Whitney used to dance with her last year and even though they are the same class...Mary D misses dancing with her!!!
The highlight of their days was HANDS DOWN meeting Marah from Kim of Queens ~
This show has become Mary Dalton's favorite show on TV and I when I saw her in the dressing room...I KNEW these two would go CRAZY!!!
And they did.
Marah could not have been more kind, professional, and courtesy...and she is just 13!!! She was so sweet to them and even gave them both an autographed picture....
They were GIDDY!!!!
Mary Dalton was VERY surprised when Sallie Ann and Gigi were able to come see her dance! They were in town getting Sallie fitted for her wedding dress and stayed to see MD dance! That meant SO much to us both!!! Thanks ladies!!!
Yall are the BEST!!!!
(but we knew that already! )
Miss Brooke was back stage with the girls getting them ready! She and Melonie are both such kind, Christian thankful for the influence that they have on Mary D!
Almost show time!!!
Mary Dalton competed in the 9-11 year category...but the age cut off was Jan. 1 ~
Which meant she was up aganist some girls who are 12 and in 6th grade.
There is a HUGE difference in a 3rd and 6th grader!!!
Her quote of the day ~
(as a girl was tapping who had more bust than me ANY day of the week....)
"If she is 9  ~ then I am 65!"
Love that girls' honesty!!!
She did not place ~ we didn't expect her too with this category  ~ but she did a great job and had fun dancing and with her sweet friends!!!
While we were in Statesboro ~ I left Jackson with Dalton at the farm...
I see this on Facebook and CRINGE at the thought of him swimming in a POND....standing water with animals....NASTY!!!! He and Bryar actually swam ACROSS the pond to the island and played there a while...They also played on the hay bales and fished...
Dalton said that they got along great and had the best time just being outside and being boys!
HOWEVER ~ I may "revoke" Dalton's sitting license....I get a text that says Jackson has had a four wheeler wreck....I literally cannot get home to him fast enough even though Dalton says he's fine just "skinned up" ~
Bless his sweet heart...he is SO scraped up and his nose bled, too! I am BEYOND thankful that he is ok!!! Took a few years off my life for sure!!! I got him home, gave him some motrin and he is WIDE open now! Says nothing hurts unless you touch his side!
We are on spring break this week and I am ESTACTIC!!!! I don't plan on getting out of bed before 7 ANY morning this week!!!! :)
Happy Spring Break to us!!!

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