Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday "Stuff" ~

We picked Mary D up from the coast yesterday! Once again ~ she was home long enough to check out the house and pack up for a sleep over! This girl is on the GO all the time!
I am helping a friend with Jr Pro Cheerleading at our school ~ 
We must be crazy.
We had a meeting last night and got the girls measured for their uniforms.
We went and had pizza after our meeting ~ 
Except Jax...
he had cake! :)
Poor thing has an awful summer cold. 
He has felt pretty crummy since Wednesday night....I keep thinking he will shake it off (and am praying the rest of us don't get it!). 
He ate NOTHING all day...
but he wanted cake...
he ate all of it! 
And the BFF's have been reunited!!!!
Whitney Sue is having her bday party Sunday, but we will be at the beach! 
Since BOTH girls were so sad about missing the party, they asked MD to spend the night and celebrate early!
They were SO excited to be together!
(and can I just add that they are 9 and still wear a hair bow the size of Texas! That makes TWO mama's VERY HAPPY!!!!!!)
I have been filling in at Dalton's office for the past 3 days...
Let's just say Law is NOT the field for me! ;) 
Looking forward to a fun night and good food at the cabin and our trip to the beach on Sunday!!!! 
Happy Weekend!!! 

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