Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vacation Crashers ~

My sweet friend, Shana, invited the kids and me to join her and her kids at the beach for a few days!
I felt so bad to crash their vacation, but she was going by herself until her husband could get off we went!!!
We left Sunday morning and were there by lunch ~ plenty of time to hit the beach and get some sun!!! Mary Dalton LOVES the sand but is over the beach ~ between shark week and getting stung by a jelly fish...she enjoys the beach from the shore!
It was so much fun to go and not have any plans ~
just go and do as we pleased!
We had some great food and the weather could not have been better ~  The hurricane is coming in though and the waves were STRONG this morning!!! Jackson and I were in knee deep water and a wave knocked us both down and pulled us under!
(can't believe how TALL they are getting!!! I am soooo soon going to the shortest one in our house!)
Shana and her kids stayed at the condo Monday morning and she let Jackson stay with her while MD and I went to the outlet mall ~ we heard it was a good one and we HAD to check it out! We got some awesome deals and a jump start on back to school shopping ~
And this was our excitement when we found out Kate Spade had an additional 50% PLUS 20% off their purses...they were BEGGING to be bought!!! :)
We met up with the rest of the crew at One Hot Mama's for lunch.
Yall know I LOVE LOVE LOVE some good BBQ ~ this place did not disappoint ~ It's right up there with Southern Soul ~ DELICIOUS!!!
We went back to swim some more!
Jax and Mallie had matching swimsuits (accidently) and we were dying for a picture....them....yeah...not so much!
And just so I can remember this ~
This is how Sass walked down the beach...
Heaven help us....
I had so much fun with these two ~ riding the waves with Jackson and begging MD to join us...and when she did ~ promising her the ENTIRE time Megaladon was NOT near us!!!
LOVE everything about this ~
so thankful that they are such good friends and love each other so much...
Sweet friends!
MY oh MY how he has grown!!!
(but he will always be my baby!)
This little cutie stole my heart while we were there!
We had the best time with Kaden!
He is a RIOT and kept us laughing the whole time!

It was a wonderful trip and so much fun to spend it with our friends making LOTS of memories!!!
Thanks Sims Family for letting us tag along and join in your summer fun!!!!

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