Friday, July 4, 2014

Week 26 ~ #dailydowdypic

I did SO good at posting this weekly and I missed yesterday!!!
One day late but here is our week in pics ~
Day 178  ~
I had to work for Dalton and Jackson had Fisher spend the night...
sent these two on a scavenger hunt at the law office while I worked!
Day 179 ~
Landed us at the Dr. office!
Jackson had swimmer's ear and an awful cold...
wish he shared with me!
Day 180  ~
Sweet girls!!!
Day181 ~
We heaed to HHI for a few days with some of our friends!
Day 182 ~
Swimming fun for everyone but Jackson!
Poor thing could not get his ear wet while we were at the beach...but he was a trooper!
Day183 ~
My heart....
Day 184 ~
Ummmm hello?!?!? Why does Mary Dalton look 12?!?!
Growing up too fast!
Day 185  ~
The kids were BEYOND excited that they got to go to the lake with Sallie, Mike & Gigi!!!
They have ALWAYS wanted to sleep in a RV and they got to go last night!!!
Can't wait to see them today and hear all about their fun!

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