Friday, June 20, 2014

Week 24 ~ #dailydowdypic & Other "Doings" ~ ~ ~

Day 163 ~
While I was packing for our mountain trip ~ jackson helped himself to a dozen popscicles or so...
day 164 ~
Picked up MD from Winshape Camp!!!!
day165  ~
Tubing fun in Helen
Day 166  ~
Happy Father's Day from Anna Ruby Falls!
Day 167  ~
Bless him.
EVERYTIME we go to the hardwear store he BEGS for a duck or chicken.
as much as I love this boy.
That's a BIG FAT N-O!!!!!
Day 168  ~
Beach Day...
Just me & Jax!
Day 169  ~
The strawberry patch here is almost done for the year...
we had to get ONE more bucket!!
They are the BEST!
While we are at home this week ~
Mary Dalton is at the beach with her friend Maggie!
She has had the best time and I know that they are making great memories!
She's gonna be bored out of her mind when she is stuck at home with boring old me next week!!!
These girls are a MESS!

Yesterday ~ Jackson and I went to Athens to see my cousin and aunt/uncle who were in town for a wedding. Jackson had never met my Uncle Mike ~ Uncle Mike loves a good "trick" ~ he taught him several games to play with pennies and the boy is WEARING ME OUT with these games!!
He cannot WAIT for MD to get home so he can "trick" her!
And just because I found this ~ I posed this on TBT ~
How precious!?!?! Seems like yesterday! Jax still did not have hair! ha!!!
Love those sweet babies and can't wait for everyone to be under one roof again...even if it is only for a few days!!!

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